Slide Whether you are a start-up waiting to explode onto the market or an organization that wants to reinvent itself.
040 is your perfect match.
We at 040 saw, that there is a need for a new way of doing consulting. Many start-ups and smaller organizations cannot afford traditional consulting firms or they do not want it simply because many of our colleagues in the industry do not make their clients feel like. We are here to change that. Your business always come first for us and to prove that, 040 only gets paid if the work we deliver actually performs.

Slide SOME OF OUR HAPPY CLIENTS. Delivering Excellence. Whether a start-up or a large organization, we deliver the results our clients need become the best version of themselves.

Start-up support Start-up Support Internationalization Organizational Strategy Innovation & Technology Let us sharpen your business focus, ignite your entrepreneurial creativity, and strategize with you to define your startup.

No matter the industry, we'll work with you on planning out your business, illuminating any blockers and challenges, developing an initial financial structure, performing ongoing competitive analysis and fleshing out the bigger picture, to create a business plan and startup vision that promises success.
Internationalization Start-up Support Internationalization Organizational Strategy Innovation & Technology Globalization and fast paced international change bring constant competition. That's why many organizations today require expansion with a global vision - one that will allow their teams to captuere profits outside their typical geographical area.

We will assit you in drawing long-term internationalization plan that will include unique market positioning, scenario analysis and competitive intelligence.
Organizational strategy Start-up Support Internationalization Organizational Strategy Innovation & Technology Having the right organizational structure and competencies is an increasingly important topic as markets and industries become more volatile.

We help you assess how your company can capitalize on changes in the business landscape. Whether that means a full-scale reorganization or adding new capabilities to an already existing structure, we will guide you on every step of the way.
Innovation & Technology Start-up Support Internationalization Organizational Strategy Innovation & Technology The term "Innovation" has become emblematic of modern culture and society. In today's fast-paced world of business and technology, we reward creative unicorns - and punish those who fall behind the innovation curve.

As a company of young, creative consultants, we pride ourselves in offering our unique vision and catalog of technological competencies to innovate your business.
We treat your business as if it was our own. Your success is our success.

Max Max focuses on sell- and buy-side finance mandates. He graduated from Hamburg’s International School of Management and is currently pursuing a master’s in management and Finance at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. In past roles, Max gained experience at KPMG, MCF Corporate Finance and Adiuva Capital. Max is particular interested in value creation opportunities within the finical sector.
Being a founding partner at 040, Max takes care about finance related topics on behalf of our clients. Within that, he executed a feasibility study in the transportation sector.

Next to his work at 040, Max is engaged in his local community and recently hosted TEDxHHL.
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Benjamin Benjamin specializes in organizational strategy and technology strategy. He holds a bachelor’s degree in International Management from the ISM Hamburg and is currently completing the Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA at Tsinghua University in Beijing. He has extensive management consulting experience, which he gathered while working at large firms such as Accenture and Lalamove and smaller firms, such as Lorenz & Partners. Some of Benjamin’s notable work at 040 includes the lead role in the business planning of Blended, an LGBTQ+ start-up funded by Beiersdorf, the project lead role in the strategic reorganization and digitalization of GroupeSTAHL International together with Kevin Kambach and the co-lead of the internal development of a financial terminal together with Daniel Schmidt.

Next to his work at 040, Benjamin is also founding various companies in the fashion industry, where he aims to gain a better understanding of how to build a brand and how the brand relates to the entire organization.
Moria Moria is our brand strategist. She studied International Management at the International School of Management and continued her specialization with a focus on international brand strategy at the Grenoble École de Management, one of the 1% business schools in the world. Moria gathered international experiences in multiple countries such as the United States, South Korea, New Zealand and in France. Her in-depth knowledge in intercultural management helps 040 to expand its horizon on marketing and branding topics. In the past, Moria has worked with various brands such as Richemont Montblanc and Wunder Mobility. She is responsible for the brand strategy planning inside 040.

Next to her work at 040, Moria works as a freelance trade meeting organizer with the Korean Trade association. Her bilingual ability helps multiple Korean companies to expand their businesses into the European region.
Daniel Daniel is our science and tech specialist. He has a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in Nanoscience from the University of Hamburg, where he is currently working towards his Ph.D. in Nanoscience. This work requires him to be on the forefront of natural sciences research, as well as a strong programmer. Key work Daniel was involved in at 040 include the establishment of an IT concept for GroupeSTAHL International and co-leading the internal development of a financial terminal.

Next to his work at 040, he is currently also in the process of founding TXProducts, a company focused on providing technology for research projects at synchrotrons.
Martina Martina is our legal expert. She graduated from Brucerius Law School and is our former CEO. In past roles, Martina gathered experience at PwC, Gleiss Lutz, M.M.Warburg & CO and the Justix GmbH. Through these positions, Martina has developed a comprehensive understanding of how organizations can maneuver difficult compliance issues, a topic often underestimated. She helped us launch 040 in the best way possible with her highly solution-oriented mindset. Additionally, her detail-oriented approach to projects allow 040 to always deliver the best, most comprehensive solutions possible.

Next to her work at 040, she is currently employed at CLARIUS.LEGAL as a legal tech specialist.
Kevin Kevin is our current CEO and an expert in M&A and corporate strategy. He is currently completing his Masters in Management at the ISM. He has gained his professional experience in Michael Page and KPMG. His deep industry knowledge helps 040 gain a valuable perspective in how intragroup interactions in companies should function. Furthermore, his outstanding leadership capabilities stemming from long-term experiences as a head of various student clubs and the student council, allow us in 040 to be aligned quicker on difficult issues. To his most notable work at 040 belongs the project lead for the diversification strategy for a Hamburg transportation company and the co-lead of the GroupeSTAHL International project together with Benjamin Karr.

Next to his work at 040, he is working at Oaklins Germany, an M&A boutique situated in Hamburg.
KK The team at 040 consists of young professionals looking to make a lasting impact on the business world. MH BK ML DS MB

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